January 16, 2011

long time no see…

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Regresando a paginas que tenia tiempo que no visitaba. Ventas interesantes en el reporte de dnjournal de la semana Enero 3 al 9 del 2011

Judge.me $7,820 Sedo
kompra.com $2,210
condensa.com $2,143 en afternicdls
wineoftheworld.com $2,500 aftenicdls
HotelGratis.it €4,500 = $5,850 Sedo
tiempolibre.es $2,860

En venta privada Pilot.tv de vendió por $20,000 Dolares. Este solo lo reporto por la cantidad quese vendio. Sailing.net $10,000 Sedo

April 26, 2010

Somebody offered me $1,500 Dlls for Domina.me Did not sell

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Extension .me. en dominio domina.me. Ofrecieron $ 1,500 Euros y no vendi. Sigue a la venta. Still for sale, along with my other domains.

Complete domain portfolio here

November 17, 2009

Reported domain sale at dnjournal.com for week Nov, 2nd-9th

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It has been a while that I haven’t updated my blog.

Miel.com sold for $15,000.00 Dollars at Sedo

indemnizacion.com sold for $3,000.00 Dollars at sedo.

norteamericano.com sold for $2,200.00 Dollars at afternincDLS

estero.net sold for $1,400.00 Dollars at sedo.

August 12, 2009

.ME Domains Hit Quarter-Million domain registration Milestone

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Worldwide Growth & Interest in Internet Sensation Is Boundless

Podgorica, Montenegro - May 20, 2009 - The .ME Registry announced today its popular ccTLD extension has hit 250,000 domains registered. Montenegro’s .ME Registry has seen significant growth since it launched the domain extension worldwide just over one year ago. In fact, .ME is the fastest growing new ccTLD.
JamesCrocker.Me, registered through GoDaddy.com, was the name which pushed the Registry’s portfolio to the quarter-million milestone.

The .ME domain extension has proven to be incredibly popular worldwide. More than 48,000 applications were received to participate in the current online auction of .ME domains which ends in just a few days. The next online auction, hosted by NameJet.com, is scheduled to begin June 5.

Many in the online marketing community believe .ME’s popularity directly correlates to the domain’s branding power. “Dot-ME is extremely suitable for consumer brands,” notes Mark Kychma of Brands-and-Jingles, a marketing firm based in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ukraine. His company owns hundreds of .ME domains. “Try to forget brands like Hotels4.Me, Pizza4.Me and Tickets4.Me… there is a 99 percent chance you will not,” adds Kychma. “Tell your friends about Love.Me, Fancy.Me, Unlock.Me and they will remember them for ages.”

The power of the right domain name combined with a .ME extension is astounding. YouAnd.Me, an explosively popular online dating service, launched just three months ago. According to the site’s founder, Steve Sikes, YouAnd.Me already has close to 50,000 members and is currently ranked among the top 90,000 Web sites in the world. Sikes is a big proponent of .ME domains. “Dot-ME domain extensions just seem to mesh with the direction of the Web,” stated Sikes recently. “They are more personalized and provide more user-generated content.”

Internet.com sells for $18 million Dollars

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WebMediaBrands sold the the internet.com division for $18 million Dollars to QuinStreet Inc,an online performance marketing company.

For more information visit http://www.webmediabrands.com/corporate/releases/09.08.10-WEBM_QuinStreet.html

August 11, 2009

a .me and a some others like .org

Cloud.me $22,500 Sedo

Loteria.org €15,000 = $21,600

MotorcycleInsurance.org $34,000 Sedo

118000.com £9,900 = $16,731 Sedo

Jesus.net sold for $124,337 Dlls at Sedo

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Reporting some Domain Sales 07/27-08/02, 09 from Dnjournal.com

Server.com $770,000 Dlls. Sold at Sedo.

Jesus.net sold for $124,337 Dlls at Sedo

iGuide.com sold for $100,000 Dlls at AfternicDLS

August 4, 2009

Non .Com Global TLD Sales reported at dnjournal.com

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www.loterias.org sold for €5,000 = $7,100.00 Dollars at Sedo

ccTLD (.me) Sales, reported at dnjournal.com week 07/20-26/09

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copy.me sold at sedo for $2,450.00 Dollars.

Reported ad dnjournal.com for the July 20th-26th week

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www.sentidos.com sold for $4,970.00 Dollars at sedo.

www.foro-descarga.com sold for $3,550.00 Dollars at sedo.

www.implante.com sold for $2,625.00 Dollars at sedo.